New Services

To start an existing 3/4" service, you will need to fill our the appropriate application and send the following information to us:

Please send the above to or you can fax it to (251)987-5836.

The following fees are applicable:

  • Home Owner - $25.00 Deposit , $75.00 Service Charge

  • Lease/Renter - $100.00 Deposit, $75.00 Service Charge

To initiate new/non-existing service, in an area that we already provide water service, you will need to fill out the same paperwork as the Home Owner above and the below fees are applicable:

  • Security Deposit - $25.00

  • Impact/System Development Fee - $1000.00

  • Tap Fee for 3/4" service - $450.00

  • Tap Fee for 1" service - $720.00

*An address must be posted on the property in which you are applying for service.

The application package below is for CDBG Homeowners ONLY! Please get your needed application from one of the links above. Thank You!


Print the package, to the right, if you are a resident included in the County Road 93 North extension and bring to the office with a copy of your Driver's License and proof that you own the property, (Deed, Tax payment, Certificate of Occupancy, etc. - Anything with your name and address showing that you own the property). Total cost is $25.00, which is a Deposit that will remain on your account.